Sightseeing at our Villa in Andalucia (1) - Antequera

There are many beautiful towns in Andalucia, and Antequera is one of our favourites (just 20 minutes drive from Casa La Sierrecilla!). There is no shortage of sights for the traveller, with over 30 historic churches and monasteries and an ancient Moorish castle rising over the town. The vibrant town with its characterful bars, restaurants and excellent shops surrounds an old quarter of surprising tranquillity, where time seems to have stood still in its peaceful whitewashed streets – a wonderful place to enjoy a drink after a busy morning’s sightseeing.

Antequera’s comparative lack of fame makes it an appealing place to visit as the tourist hordes are largely absent, although those in the know do travel up from the coast to experience the real Andalucia. The main street, the Infante Don Fernando, is lined with busy pavement cafes where you can enjoy a drink or a cooling ice cream before heading up to the historic quarter. There are many excellent bars and restaurants, serving local dishes. One of the local specialities is porra antequerana, a cold tomato soup garnished with cured ham, eggs and/or tuna, which is really refreshing on a hot day – a more satisfying version of gazpacho. And be sure to pick up some of the delicious local pastries before heading back to the villa!

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